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New Ipod Touch User Discovers

Hi everyone. I have been lurking on this board for many weeks researching everything I could about the latest ereader devices. I'm planning a trip to Mexico in a few months and needed something that could store books as well as help me learn Spanish. I have lots of Spanish dialogue mp3s, scanned pages from Spanish texts and pdf documents that I would like to take. Needed dictionary support as well as a way to access books abroad.

Finally decided on the Ipod Touch. Bought the new 32G unit that includes a speaker. Immediately download the free apps Ereader and Stanza as well as desktop versions for my XP desktop. The Touch is fantastic and more than meets my expectations for language learning, but uploading free books from Gutenberg etc. to the Touch has been problematic. Then I discovered and really found what I was looking for! The site has over 25,000 FREE books for immediate browsing via the Safari browser. You can easily and quickly download 100 pages of each book at a time for reading offline. It's also possible to upload books and text. The text can be changed and formatted. Pages are cached so page turning is immediate. I also found it easier on the eyes than Stanza. Books can also be shared among users although I haven't tried that out yet. Best of all, textonphone currently has over 200 Spanish Language titles including elementary Spanish readers and a full Spanish grammar text. For dictionary support I currently quickly switch to the free app WeDict although other paid dictionaries are also available. It's not perfect of course. There is a "jump" to page function but no individual chapter support. I would really like to be able to touch on a word and have an immediate dictionary definition.

The nice thing about the Touch is that besides being an excellent ereader and mp3 player it can do SO MUCH more via the inexpensive and free apps that keep improving daily. Mobipocket Reader has announced future support for the Touch so that may become another useful app.

I want to thank this forum for being such a great resource! Its the first place I check for updates on what's available.
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