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restrictive practice

I bought my 505 in the UK where I live. When I use the “ebook store” on the “ebook library” program the only retailer I can connect with is Waterstones here in the UK. I read on the forum about the Sony bookstore in the US and indeed can look at this through Internet Explorer. The Sony US site tells me that to purchase books I must have the “ebook library” program installed on my computer. I have this as mentioned above.
In restricting my “ebook library” program to a connection only with Waterstones in the UK, Sony are in effect refusing to sell me books from their US website. Are Sony, therefore, in breach of the US anti-trust laws and the EEC competition laws in Europe because they are restricting my potential purchases through the ebook library to Waterstones only with whom Sony have an exclusivity contract allowing Waterstones to be the only UK retailer of the 505, other than themselves through their internet shop?
Whilst I appreciate that I could uninstall “ebook library” from my computer, download an earlier US version from Sony’s US site and install this there is no guarantee that this would work because the Sony US site says that there is a firmware update that must be installed as well. Is the firmware update already installed in the UK 505s and is it the same firmware that installs to the US 505s? Would trying to install a firmware update to a 505 that already has a version installed “blow” the rest of the reader’s program. I for one am not willing to risk my Ł200 reader to try this when all I am doing is finding a workround and, in effect, approving what I believe to be Sony’s illegal practices.
Does anyone else have any opinions?
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