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The Kindlean site seems to be completely down: the prior website has been replaced with some sort of spammish-looking healthcare website. Did the domain expire?

Also, did they rename the software? I see something online now- spelled Kindlian (just with i substituted for the e)- and their webite looks the same as I recall the old site looking. Does anyone know if it's legit?

I'm running a Kindle Touch and dealing with collections has become a nightmare; after the software update, it even loses track of which books are in collections if I moved the files to keep the drive organized. I'm thinking about buying the software, but I want to make sure that the version at the new website isn't malware, and that I can bulk-edit books on the new Kindle Touch update...

Could someone please help me? I have no clue what I'm doing. I really have tried researching this, but there's so much conflicting information, and so many "sure this manager works EXCEPT FOR YOU, TOUCH USERS! > " links...

ed: I'd also be curious to know if anyone can run kindlian on Linux? Some programs will run under WINE... but would it recognize the Kindle Touch as being attached? Has anyone tried this?

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