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As mentioned in my earlier post, I downloaded DedTV's Goodreads genres list (the nested version).

I have mapped the genres to tags and am adding them here, as requested by DoctorOhh. I have also tweaked them to my preferences, so the final result may not please all, but at least it is a fairly comprehensive list of current genres.


With "genre > sub-genre" listings, I have mostly separated them with commas. For example:
"Academic > Academia" is mapped to "Academic, Academia"

Fiction and its sub-genres were listed as "Fiction > sub-genre". For example:
"Fiction > Action", "Fiction > Speculative Fiction", etc.
When downloading metadata, these weren't picked up and applied. When I removed the "Fiction > " part, they were correctly mapped. For example:
"Fiction > Action" was changed to "Action", "Fiction > Speculative Fiction" was changed to "Speculative Fiction", etc.
When mapping these, I chose to keep the "Fiction" tag, so:
"Fiction > Action" was changed to "Action" with "Action, Fiction" as the mapped tags.


With "Non-Fiction" and its sub-genres I did it a little differently. I did as above with "Fiction" for the genres:
"Non-Fiction > Religion" was changed to "Religion", etc.
As with "Fiction", the sub-genres were then correctly applied when downloading metadata. However, I found quite a few fiction works tagged with "Non-Fiction" sub-genres. An example would be:
"Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, which got a tag of "Religion"
If you are familiar with the work, "Religion" isn't an inaccurate tag. I found several other examples of this type when testing the settings. Consequently, I chose to map them without the "Non-Fiction" tag:
"Non-Fiction > Religion" was changed to "Religion" and mapped to "Religion"

This was many hours cutting and pasting, so, though I've checked through it, there might be the odd error. When testing the scanning, the plugin appeared quick as ever.

Thanks again to Kiwidude for the great plugin, DoctorOhh for showing the way and DedTV for compiling the list.

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