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Hi, Kiwidude, and thanks for this plugin (and all the others).

This plugin, along with DoctorOhh's suggestion ( has done more for my Library Management than anything else.

With the release of Calibre 1.0, I decided on a fresh start with a brand-spanking new setup of Calibre. This included really getting stuck into this plugin's Goodreads genres to tags mapping.

I downloaded DedTV's "genreslistnested" text file ( and exported it into Excel to modify it.
That's all done and there are 888 genres...

Is it possible to convert the Excel file into .json format? I looked at a few converters, but none seemed up to the job. Also, would placing this entire list into the plugin cause it to slow down markedly?

P.S. >> When I first started using this plugin, I thought it would map all Goodreads genres to tags and modify those in the list. Instead, it only maps those genres that are in the list, excluding all others. Is this the correct behaviour?
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