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Originally Posted by Teknikal View Post
Lot of people have been quite negative about the Tab 3 I think it's a good upgrade personally going mostly on benchmarks, I don't read comics myself but there is at least one android comic app that lets you view them pane by pane with a touch I forget the name unfortunately.

Still I would say the bigger the better when it comes to magazines, pdf's and comics.
I think you're referring to Comixiolgy.
And can you elaborate of what people were saying about the Tab 3?

Originally Posted by AnemicOak View Post
If you're in the US or UK don't rule out the Nook HD+. Incredible screen (works great for comics & magazines) and if you don't like the stock interface you can use an alternate launcher so it's more like stock Android. At it's current price it's hard to beat.
Sadly, I live in Israel, so no Nook HD+ for me.

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