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AV700 boot problem

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Just a friendly warning: At least some Archos AV700's (my 100gb gadget and another 40gb that I know of) have serious issues when upgrading the firmware according to Archos' instructions. This may just be when upgrading from 1.1.34 to 1.2.01 but, then again, it might not. The players don't start up properly (i.e. crash before starting up) more than about 1% of the time after upgrading, rendering them pretty much unusable, and Archos "Support" (who graciously held on to my AV700 for about six weeks without fixing it) don't know about this issue either. When I got my AV700 from its 6-week hiatus in France, I fixed it myself by upgrading to a newer firmware after spending about an hour trying to turn it on.

With this issue, more issues I've heard of online and the absolute lack of support from Archos in mind, I would strongly advise against buying the AV700--I don't know enough about other Archos products to condemn them (as much as I'd like to), but I will be avoiding them from now on. Lesson learnt.

Hi. Seems I have the same problem.It's stuck in the startupscreen forever. Shuts down after pushing stop button for 10 secs, but same thing when trying to start. How did You fix it?