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Is it the best choice?

Hey everyone, so I'm planning on buying a tablet solely for the reason of reading comics and browsing the internet(comics are more important).

So right now my main choice is the Galaxy Tab 3 since I reckon the screen size will be quite good, since I tried my brother's nexus 7 and it was too small for me and my dad's iPad is too big since I do want it to be portable enough.

Resolution is quite good at 1280x800 which will probably suffice(might be wrong might be right, you tell me).

And to top it off, it has an SD slot which will come in handy if I would like to scan some of my already owned comics.

All for 300$ seems quite awesome to me but, I wanted to check with you people to see if maybe the size wouldn't be enough since I haven't tried the device for myself, or there might be just a better choice for the same price range.

Thank you in advance, Justlog.
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