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Thanks very much, Igorsk. All noted - and yes, naturally, there has to be some drain. But fancy having to wait 5 weeks! Thanks for that url. That will be handy.

It's odd, I downloaded two classics in text format and they work well on the PRS-500. Well, Ihad collected a Sony update just before, and that might have helped a lot.

I see some eager fellow flogging an addon for Word for the 500 and 505. It's announced on one of those appalling really hard-sell sites where the page keeps going down and down - as does the standard, one suspects, of honesty.

It's that design that's used to sell rubbish to people without brains, and that surprises me because presumably people who read can be assumed to have some intelligence too.

I suspect it mightn't be more than a few Word macros for fifty dollars. The url is w w w (I'm typing it that way because I don't want to appear to be promoting it. Which I'm not.)

Igorsk, I wonder if you or other serious ereader-owners have used this program, and if they have used it for the 500? The site claims that it is fine for the 500 as well as the 505. But the whole tone of the site makes it highly dubious. Yet what a strange sector of the internet population to be picking on.
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