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Ok. Ill explain the way i use atm.

Simple texts PDFs:

Just Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro => .rtf or .html

Heavy Image PDFs:
Adobe acrobat: PDF => JPG Grayscale full quality.

Auto Photo Editor (Zeallsoft):
JPG => Max CROP (manually) & Turn Right (to a temp1 folder)
JPG => CROP (temp1 JPGs) 50% RIGHT (to temp2 folder) & Rename to *_1.jpg
JPG => CROP (temp1 JPGs) 50% LEFT (to final folder) & Rename to *_2.jpg & Move temp2 JPGs to final folder

So youŽll have:
book_Page1_1.jpg (first 50% of Page 1)
book_Page1_2.jpg (last 50% of Page 1)

Mobipocket Creator: JPGs (from final folder, so left and right sides of original PDF) => .opf + .prc


iliad uncompress .prc files to a same named folder.
Really slow process. Only to really needed ebooks.

So, what do you think?, and, anyone knows any way to make a .mobi file from those .opf + .prc (that iliad dont touch? or only do a temporal uncompress).

Pd. Ive tryed all PDF 2 something that iliad reads, and them only work on plain text files, anything harder becomes to an unusable ebook.
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