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Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
I don't think other people are using a DX as the viewer.
1) That large screen has a lot of pixels.
2) I seem to recall that a DX has less RAM than the other models. (After all, it is basically just a "large screen K2")
3) Other people may be stopping those services just to save memory (maybe).

If your current testing reboots much sooner than the 40 minutes of the the other setup, then I think I would look more at reducing the RAM required.
Such as reducing the pixel depth as you suggested.
Hey knc1

The viewer has been running for 2.5 hours now, way past what ever I had before.

At first I tried leaving netwatchd and powerd running, however the telnet session was terminated by the remote host after around 10 minutes - guessing that netwatchd must monitor for network inactivity and close connections??

At the moment I kill netwatchd and leave powerd running which has led to 2.5 hours - Maybe powerd is required to stop a hardware watchdog on the DXG devices??

Anyway if anyone else is using a DX or DXG in summary I do the following at telnet/ssh stage

/etc/init.d/netwatchd stop
/mnt/us/ -password <passwd> &

Worth pointing out that the "-password" parameter has to be before the server address - this took me a few hours to work out.

Thanks again for your help


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