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Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
That listing shows that powerd was stopped before lipc could process the 'prevent screen saver' event.

Try it the other way around, I.E: Doing the 'prevent screen saver' prior to stopping any of the system services.

But 40 minutes?
That sounds more like something is running out of memory, triggering the OOM Killer, that leads to a forced re-boot.
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Hey thanks for the response. I was wondering about the screen saver message but decided to stick with what others were doing as no one else seems to have stability issues.

Do you know why netwatchd and powerd need to be switched off? I've started it again without doing either of these steps and the screen saver stop doesn't through an error now. Will see how long it lasts.

Also, not sure what would give me such a big mem leak when others aren't seeing anything. Could it be pixel depth maybe, I set the server to 24 bits but I've see others using 8 bits?


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