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Hi - My name is Lindsay and I love my Sony Reader.

I got my 505 in January after standing behind a guy at the coffee stand with a 500 and thinking to myself "I have to have one of those!". Since I live in Sydney it took me a week or two to figure out what it was, and then how to get my hands on one.

Like most people on this thread I've found it's changed the way I read for the better. When I was younger I was a voracious reader but as I got older I slowed down, as carrying enough books around with me was a pain.

Thanks to my Sony, I buy more books, because I don't have to worry about storage, I read more books, because I can take them with me, and I'm discovering authors I wouldn't have normally read.

I love my Sony, and when it finally shuffles off this mortal coil I'll be getting a new one.
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