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Originally Posted by KevinShort View Post
Sunda: try executing this command right before you run
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=~/kobo/fs/lib/pkgconfig
I noticed that you're trying to compile Qt 4.6. Are you aware that the newer Kobo firmware builds use Qt 4.8? Also, Kobo switched to a new toolchain in 2.6, which complicates things. I tried to compile Qt 4.8 with the new toolchain, without altering the configuration I used for the old toolchain, but it failed to compile.
Thanks for the feedback KevinShort.
Ok, I have installed a new linux and started over...
Now it compiles again, but I have this:
configure error:
*** You must have either have gettext support in your C library, or use the
*** GNU gettext library.
Build failed at, aborting

What now

where can see about if it's Qt 4.6 (and how to setup for Qt 4.8? on Kobo and in Compile again in Linux!?).
I'm not sure about Qt 4.6, I have installed the older firmware 2.4.0 on the Kobo and KoboLaunch is working fine with this version. On the kobo I see under folder: "/usr/local/Trolltech" that there is a folder with the name "QtEmbedded-4.6.2-arm"

I use Linux 12.04LTS and in kobo when writing:
strings /lib/ | grep ourcery
GNU C Library (Sourcery G++ Lite 2010q1-202) stable release version 2.11.1, by Roland McGrath et al.

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