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step problems in Setting up a development environment ......

Hi all, I'm newbie in this field...

I followed the steps above, all ok, but when calling:

it compiles (a lot), i get this error:

patching file
~/kobo/tmp/libmng-1.0.10 ~/kobo/tmp
copying automake template
running aclocal warning: macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library
error: Could not find libtoolize in the path!
You'll need to install a copy of libtool before continuing
with the generation of the build system.

Build failed at, aborting

Any ideas how to solve!?

(I can see the file "libmng-1.0.10 and also "libtool-2.2.8" in the tmp folder, so the file is there)

ok I found out that I had to install Libtool manually (sudo apt-get install "filename").

But I have this now:
No need to rebuild udev
No need to rebuild lcms
No need to rebuild libmng
~/kobo/tmp/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.6.2 ~/kobo/tmp
/home/okan/kobo/qt: unknown argument

You have not explicitly asked to use pkg-config and are cross-compiling.
pkg-config will not be used to automatically query cflag/lib parameters for

Ok it is apperently too difficult for me
Somehow I can't even use linux commands...

Anyone who could help please?
A step by step instructions to set up a Qt development (I'm new in Linux, but could setup a Virtual Box which runs Ubuntu). Maybe with added "idiot proof" instrucstion on the above.


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