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I received my MiniSuit on Friday, and so far I am happy with it. The fastening mechanism is a little tight to mount, but it really needs to be to be secure. It is well padded so is very protective from that standpoint, but I really wish that it had some kind of zipper closure rather than the snap closure that it has. The case leaves the long sides exposed. a potential point of failure if it is tossed into a bag for transport.

The attachment mechanism seems to be bent metal of some sort covered in rubber. The only downside of this is that the rubber has left some black marks on my Kindle where one of the attachment points rubs a little too strongly against the plastic.

The case folds back in a compact enough to be comfortably held, and the unique double snap strap on the back works well to create a stable stand for table placement of the device. I will post some pictures later when I have time to snap them so you can all get a better feel for the points i've made in this review.

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