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Thanks, but I managed to find the correct files. I have KUAL working now.

It appears the problem was with the first post at the top, especially the linked prerequisites. The linked zip does not contain the correct prerequisites for newer kindle releases.

I was able to download the correct files from:

I suspect that one key problem is that the prerequisites on the first page does not contain the file:


but instead devcerts from an earlier time (12002)?.

Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
Short answer: Read the "required" part of the top post.

Longer answer:
Open the spoiler titled:
Here is the list of things you must have installed. 4 In Total.

Install **all** files in the "prerequisites" bundle (one at a time). **Including** the "Kindlet Jailbreak".

The much longer answer:
You probably do not have everything installed that you thought you did, since ota updates where happening more or less at the same time, so - start over:
1) Turn on "airplane mode" - leave it turned on
2) Remove any Update_*.bin or Install_*.bin from user's USB storage area.
3) Put Amazon's version 5.3.4 firmware update.bin package on root of storage area, "update" back down to 5.3.4 (link to off-site archive of Amazon releases in the "Jailbreak" first post ).
5) Now open that blue spoiler and start following the directions. All of them.
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