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Oh yeah, I saw that list of apps but I hadn't noticed explorer. Thanks for linking it, it looks useful.

It's not quite what I'm looking for though. Sorry to be so persnickety :/

For almost every book/article/whatever in my kindle there is a folder associated with it. I need something to delete those folders at the same time as deleting each book. This way I don't have to delete everything twice. This is quite fiddly in windows explorer, never mind KUAL explorer! (Having said this, even the kindle itself doesn't delete these folders when I delete a book, as far as I can tell)

But the main thing is the way I have things organised into collections (with a ton of help from collections manager) - that doesn't show in the disorganised mess of the kindle documents folder. That makes it even harder to find the things I want to delete.

So what I need is something that displays my collections and files, and enables easy deletion of said files (without confirmation, and preferably via checkboxes so multiple deletions are possible). Even an extra feature in collections manager - a delete button - would solve this problem. Should I post in that thread?

Thanks for your help so far!
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