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In this gripping tale, an avalanche upends the meteoric career of Maggie Mahoney, a high-flying female partner in a prestigious Wall Street law firm. Brilliant and beautiful, she became the trophy wife of its managing attorney. After a torrent of snow kills both her husband and her principal client, Maggie is reduced to being just another insignificant female partner at the venerable Sweeny,Owens & Boyle.

Obsessed with his dream of becoming the next Attorney General, firm chairman Andy Anderson creates a tangled web of deceit in a desperate gamble to conceal the firm's secrets and the shocking skeleton buried deep in his own closet. Maggie suspects he has a hidden agenda when he appoints Jack Slattery, a former prosecutor unqualified to be managing attorney, to replace her husband. She is certain Jack has potentially lethal information about Andy, but what is it?*

Forced to become a sleuth, Maggie stages a break-in to gather evidence. But she's not the only one inside the firm playing detective. Andy will stop at nothing to achieve his ambition and deploys his loyal lieutenant to recruit unknowing partners in breaking all the rules. Rape ups the stakes as the cat and mouse game between Maggie and Andy plays out to its shocking finish.

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