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Shattered output file


I'm having a small but annoying problem with file conversion to MOBI. Output file is shattered into:

line of text
line of text

line of text
line of text

line of text
line of text and so on.
What I'm doing:
I have original PDF file (internet source). Plain txt I copy-paste into MS Word. Then I remove all of txt formatting. At this stage I have quite nice looking wall of text (Times New Roman 12p).

I'm saving as RTF and then import into calibre. Default conversion in this particular case gives me shattered output file like quoted above. And I cannot find a reason. I have converted in such way multiple PDFs and results were ok. True - sometimes I had shattered output text but always I managed to fixed that (most common reason was that I forgot to remove txt formatting in Word). Other times altering some options in calibre itself fixed issues.

But now I'm lost. Whatever I'm doing I get the same shattered result.

If somewhere in the forum solution exist , please direct me there and apologies in advance for multithreading.

If anyone knows any magical voo-doo trick that solves my issue - you have my sincere thanks as I'm in the middle of 5-book story and cannot advance

PS. My device: Kindle 4, calibre v.0.8.68 (portable)

--- edit ---
Two things:
1. I have converted into AZW3 - same issue
2. I have converted into .TXT - shattering is gone tho almost every 2nd line end int the middle of the page. Readable, less annoying but still far from comfortable :/

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