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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
@Gully Foyle: IIRC, there were a few over the years, but not recently (that I can remember). If someone manages to dig them up, we could probably aggregate all of them in a shiny new thread... That said, a good reason for the lack of such thread is probably the iffy copyright situations one can be in when sharing images on the 'net... .
I see your 'image sharing copyright issues' point.
As of my sphere of activity, I use tumblr platform for my blog --[sarcasm]which has a very strict policy and absolutely no issues on image copyright [/sarcasm]--, there are a number of blogs with some content, but long dead, and a few 2-3 active (mine included, plus one for kindle paperwhite higher res).
I have absolutely no info on the rest of the 'net, though, won't be able to help for a complete dig-up, I just wanted to share my part, as little as it might be.
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