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Talking Restoring highlights/bookmarks

Again BRAVO for ongoing improvment in Marvin.

Maybe confused, a question: The annotation button works in Calibre. I export all bookmarks/highlights from Marvin and get a .mrv file. I then drag it into Greg's plug in. When I look at the metadata of the book in Calibre, the highlights are there [as "comments"].

However, if I open the book in Calibre [in the native e-book browser] or put in a DropBox and reimport into Marvin, all the bookmarks/highlights cannot be seen. In fact in Marvin, the bookmarks and highlights dialog boxes are blank (as if the bookmarks no longer exist and are lost).

I remember that there was early discussion that the .mrv (annotations) file would allow users to export/save their highlights/bookmarks, then re-import/restore them later or e-mail/send to friends to import into their copy of the Marvin book on their end.
Ideally, I would like my highlights/bookmarks to show up back "in" my Marvin book when I restore them, not be hidden in a comments file OR send them to a friend and he imports the .mrv file and has a complete pre-highlighted book with all highlights/bookmarks where I want them to be in his copy for him to skim the important parts of the book faster.

Am I not re-importing the .mrv file properly (through the Calibre plug in)? Do I need to do something different to restore the highlights back into the Marvin book so they are visible? How do I e-mail/share the .mrv file to another Marvin user so he can see the highlighted book just as I highlighted it (not in an invisible "comments" file)?

If there is an answer, This might be useful to add to the Marvin site blog on "annotations.

Thanks again,

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