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Import dialog for importing ebooks


Calibre - very great tool, but... I have for example, a folder with my downloaded ebooks, from many different sourcers.

When I want to import them all from my folder - all ebooks are transfered to my Calibre library, but in the end of this importing process, I must have a big job to rewrite columns with correct author - first name, second name, and a title, etc... because Calibre upload all by filenames that are different or another metadata I don't need.

This filenames are in many and different styles:
- first name, second name, title, [extenstion],
- second name, first name, title, [extension],
- title, second name, first name, [extension],
- title, first name, second name....
- etc...

Is here somene who can create new Calibre plugin to sort this field names in import process before or after, one by one - plugin can take a single new one file from my download folder, and ask me about all single "strings" created from whole filename - what is the first author name, second name, and title, and other field for all not classified.

It's will be great to select like in jquery "drag and drop" on correct position, or like a "poll" to select by click.

I want my ebook in my Calibre in table with field names in correct columns - titles will be in title column, author name will be in author name column - second name first, etc... Everything will be selected in importing process "done by me" if I want such option like this in my pref. area, and my file will by renamed in this process in the end as I like.

I know, that I may edit and repair all bad ebooks designation in Calibre columns one by one, but I think - in import process it's will be easiest for many different files from one folder then editing all them after import.

If you can write such plugin like this - it's will be very good tool, to eliminate an old BookSorter(v4.0) software to sort and rename all ebooks from folders.
Or, please write to me on PM, when you can find this solution in import process.

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