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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
You asked this over on Calibre
without failing code samples (and the CSS) you need to work backwards from the Paragraph (styles, and everyone used within; ) until you find what is killing your font use.

The big question(s) does the CSS validate 100% at W3C and does your EPUB validate. (You can have 100% valid nonsense code, so check your logic. BTDT )
By this you mean - did the Flight Crew and W3C come up without any errors? Yes, they both did. I am guessing that SOMEWHERE there is some sort of hidden code, but I can't find it. All the styles point to the embedded font that I want, but it just keeps coming up with a different font. What is even more strange is that I can't find a listing anywhere for the font that is coming up - else I would just change it! I know that the fonts are in the right place, etc, because the italics come up in the right font - just not the regular normal font....
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