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Originally Posted by Valloric View Post
I just checked, and the TXT file was displayed using a sans-serif font. I'll take your word that they would be previously displayed with the serif font, since I've never before loaded a TXT file onto my Reader.

I don't know why this would happen, but still... my solution to your problem stays the same. If you replace the other two fonts with your new font, it's not like the Reader is going to whip out a brand new font out of thin air . It will use your new font for anything you throw at it (except the stuff with embedded fonts).
Thanks a lot for this confirmation. So I know that my prrrrecccccious 505 is not defective.
I just have to convert everything to LRF before using it. No problem, since i "fuel" my 505 with calibre and not diretctly via USB.

Thanks a lot for your Support!!!!!!!!!!!

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