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Originally Posted by Ephemerality View Post
If you're wondering about getting the X-Ray files to work on the iPhone/iPad app, the file goes in [Kindle App Folder]/Library/ACX.
I don't have a folder by that name. So I need to create it right ?

File needs to be named XRAY.entities.ASIN.asc.
So whatever the .asc file is generated by the plugin output folder I need to enter the ASIN of the said book in the filename one by one. Correct ? And I just need to transfer just the .asc files only ?

Also the xray files aren't generating because of that alias requirement. I know these are necessary for plug in to function correctly in this version but when I point to just a blank text file (i don't need the aliases) it gives the same error. Do Alias files have to be of a particular file extension and have some text in a particular format ?

Sorry for the noobish questions.
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