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Katsunami: You say, "Trying to obtain a specific batch number will (probably) be completely useless." Then how are people posting the batch numbers of their Kindles?

My Kindle Paperwhite has arrived and it does have the dreaded pink and bluegreen areas on it. However, it looks like the replacements that some forum members have been satisfied with after returning worse ones--in other words, the discolorations are visible, but pale.

I am keeping mine (although I did call amazon to let them know that their "certified refurbished" ones were not having any better quality control than their new ones). I had thought that getting a refurbished one might result in a better screen since it would have to be individually inspected and would not just be a random one off the assembly line.

After viewing the CNN review, I think mine is within what would currently be considered "normal limits" even though it is not completely white as per the amazon ads. However, I am a bit disappointed because I did hope to get one that looked like the ones on amazon's site.
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