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Originally Posted by AThirstyMind View Post
Thanks Hitch,

This will take some finessing on my part to get my clients to accept this... they love their TOC in the back, and now quite a few of them are insisting that all front matter be shifted to the back matter. They want that Amazon sample to be only their text.
I agree with your customers that the front matter should be shifted to the back matter (does a reader really care about your mom or life partner? or that you are an "has been"?), but not the TOC. This is how I organize my eBooks (Business):

1. Cover and copyright
I include only levels 1 (chapter name) and levels 2 (subchapters) to reduce the length of the TOC.
3. Introduction (Then SRL)
Here I explain that "in chapter 1 you will see ... (levels 3). In chapter 2 you will see ... (levels 3) etc. Including internal links to the levels 3. At the same time I use the introduction as a "sales letter" for the ebook that will be surely included in Amazon Sample
4. Chapters
5. Thank you page
Conclusion/What's next: My following product in the funnel.
6. End Notes
7. About me
8. About my other ebooks
With links to Amazon products pages. I make (reasonably) reference to them in this ebook
9. About the support from mom, life partner, business partners
10. Legal advice and terms & conditions

With the TOC, prospect will know if I cover what he/she is looking for. In Introduction, to which extend. So I will do with peremptory Amazon rule.

Feedback from professional publishers is very welcome. Thanks.

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