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This is more or less the same process I do. Its annoying but it works and that's important! Its unfortunate there isn't a way to send a "bundle" to amazon instead of a single file.

Originally Posted by gers1978 View Post
I've got it working, here are my thoughts:

I use Calibre to email all my books via Amazon Personal Docs, so I can make use of Last Page Read Sync between Paperwhite, iPad and iPhone. This means that after I send them, the ASIN changes.

To get it working what I do I send the book as normal, then on my PW/iPhone/iPad, I have the book, with last page read syncing working fine.

I then plug in my PW via USB, and use Mobi Meta Editor to check the ASIN that Calibre assigned it when I emailed it. I then drag the .azw from the PW documents folder into Calibre, and use your plugin to generate the XRay .asc file. I then put this in the .sdr folder, and XRay works fine on the PW, and Last Page Read Sync still works across my 3 devices.

I can't help thinking there must be an easier way!

Also, I noticed the following thing when looking at the XRay file, specifically when I choose "Wikipedia Info":

Note the weird:

ad> loc.2>

Also, wouldn't it be possible to the Shelfari and/or Wikipedia lookup automatically, based on the book title/ISBN/etc in Calibre?
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