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Hello from Kansas, USA

Hello All,

I just discovered this forum by accident when I was googling for more info about the Kindle Paperwhite, and it looks like there is a lot of useful information here!

I have had a Kindle 2 since it came out and have really liked it, especially on trips, but also for reading in bed every night (with a small booklight attached). A couple of nights ago I got into bed and accidentally put my knee on the screen of my Kindle, which was under the covers for some reason. As soon as I looked at it I knew it was all over: the screen had many horizontal and vertical lines, was unresponsive, and there was a dark splotch at the bottom. I called amazon but of course there was nothing that could be done; I wasn't going to lie about what happened, and it was out of warranty anyway. Amazon suggested getting a refurbished Kindle Paperwhite 3G (actually they gave me several options, but that is the one I decided on). It is currently "out for delivery" via UPS (and has been for more than 12 hours!) so I expect it to show up on the front porch any second now.

I am looking forward to getting it set up, charged up, and seeing whether or not I got a "good screen." I am most concerned about the screen, as I have read that many people have received Paperwhites with defective screens. I think the new ones are probably OK but I am not sure about the refurbished ones since they may be ones that people returned for screen problems.

If the screen is OK, I think the Paperwhite will be a great improvement over my K2, which was beginning to have other problems (would not go back to the page where I had stopped reading, and randomly shut down and restarted), so if I hadn't killed the screen it might not have lasted much longer anyway. Nonetheless, I feel bad about crushing the screen with my knee. The K2 was in the amazon hard case, but the case was open and folded back. I also got the hard case for the Paperwhite (the K2 case would not fit it, according to amazon) and will be sure to close it when I am not reading. [Not sure what I will do about falling asleep and leaving the Kindle hidden under the down comforter, however! Will have to watch that!]

Well, that's about it. Looking forward to learning more from this forum.

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