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Reading ebooks on an iTouch vs. on my Kindle.

I just saw the new ITouch which arrived two days ago. It is identical to the new iPhone, except it has no phone capabilities. Besides the obvious things it is designed to do, I would like to use it to read ebooks. I would use my iMac to transfer things I need to the iTouch.

I also have a Kindle with lots -- over 700 -- titles on it, many (but not all) being DRMed. I don't need all of them on my iTouch if I buy one, and would like to restrict it to the active books i am really reading (when i get time) on my Kindle, since the iTouch is much easier to carry around than the Kindle, which while relatively small, is still much larger than the iTouch.

I love my ability to read my Kindle in bright sunlight, but the backlit iTouch also appeals to me since many times my reading must be done in a relatively dark environment, such as inside my car, etc., where it's too dark to read my Kindle, even with a bright battery light which I don't enjoy using. And I do know that my Kindle is better on my eyes, but reading is important to me, even if I have to read a backlit iTouch in a dark environment.

If you say why not buy the iPhone, it's becauses AT&T has been so bad to me in the past, that I won't have anything to do with them, even to get an iPhone. However the monthly charges for the iPhone are also a big deterrent, and this doesn't exist on the iTouch of course. So I'll stick to the iTouch, if it can meet my needs, including ebooks.

Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.

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I'm considering buying an ipod Touch and one of its major uses would be reading ebooks. I use a Windows XP PC, and I'm wondering how easy it is to move ebooks from an XP PC to an ipod Touch. Also, what ebook reading and data transfer apps would people recommend for reading plucker, rtf, html & pdf files from an XP PC to an ipod Touch.
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