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audiobook services

I have used several audiobook rental services. Simply Audiobooks, Jiggerbug, Booksfree, and Kitabe. Jiggerbug is by far the best deal and has the fastest turn-around time and the download feature, but do not have books in the MP3 format and are slower to acquire new releases. Simply Audiobooks has the slowest turn-around and were the closest in location to my home. It took them over a week for books to arrive in the mail once they shipped them, but they would only take two days when I mailed them back. I have heard many complaints from there other customers about this problem. Kitabe and Booksfree have good customer service and a good selection, though Kitabe's shipping times are creeping up to resemble those of Simply Audiobooks. Booksfree has too travel clear across the nation and makes it to my door step in three days.

Originally Posted by ignatz
I discovered a new website recently,, which seems to have applied the Netflix method to the audiobook problem. But the best part of the deal is that they distribute their audiobooks on MP3-CD, so that books that would take up 10 CDs can be sent on just one. I didn't even realize that publishers were releasing books in this format.

Interestingly, their faq does not mention ipod-like devices, focusing instead on playing on car and home stereos and computers. Is there DRM in place to prevent copying these files into your DAP? Or are they just not going to mention it to avoid advocating that you copy these files?

Anyway the price is $12.75/month for one audiobook at a time, no late fees, free shipping, etc. They have a decent selection of history and non-fiction, but not extraordinary. They do seem to have plenty of popular fiction. If they can capture a market niche, perhaps their library will continue to grow.

Does anyone have any experience with this site? Sounds like it might be worth pursuing for me, being a dedicated devourer of auditory input. I'd love to hear other's thoughts.