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Busybox zip file and Swap on iliad

Dear M@rcel,

Thank you very much for the busybox software (zip file) that you made available for us.
I was just wondering about this file and would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.
1. Is this zip file different from the ipkg file submitted by Adam?
2. What will be the best way to uninstall this application, should it be (God forbid...) a problem?, I understand from Adam application, a simple uninstall ipkg command should take care of the uninstallation. Will this be the case with the zip file that you made available as well??

Thank you for your consideration

On another note, I am thinking to use a permanent MMC card as you did to install a swap on my iliad, that will help with some of my huge pdf files and I have a couple of question regarding this swapping file. I thought that instead of writing another note to you, it would be convenient to both of us that I write my questions here…My apologies if you think otherwise…here we go:

1. I am interested in installing the swap on startup, and was wondering where should I install the”” on my iliad? MMC card or internal memory (book, news or another folder…)?
2. I am not very familiar with Linux language and was wondering if the script that you wrote is also taking care of the issue when somehow the MMC card would not work or simply be out of the slot? Will the iliad still go ahead and boot successfully, or will this lock up the iliad??
3. Do you think that the swap on iliad will take care of the issue that we have with big size chm and déjà vu files as well??

Again, thanks a million for your help,

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