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And does the sd version works for you? if so, it's very likely that simply generating a diff with my changes (which are actually very minor - just a bootstrap code and a patch into modelChanged, but I suppose I know how to get rid it) against the old fw and applying it to new main.xml would do the job (and there are two unessential lines in applicationStart.xml)

I didn't do the update since I wanted to reach some stable version first, so than I can chase just incompatibility bugs - 5k lines of code makes a lot of space for errors :/ But now I'll probably do the update as soon as I find some windoze pc here

My point in making all this (apart from wanting a notepad on my sony is that I want to make writing applications easy enough for others to start doing it - after all its just jscript and simple xml, and there are many web developers out there that could probably write many things if we just hide the sony-specific parts from them. If more people are interested in this and help me with the project, we could create a kind of sdk, that could include this framework, some docs/tutorials, maybe some syntax checker for xml and js to make creating new apps for sony easier, if not easy. (yeah, I'm a long time linux user/admin and I belive in "The Community" )

Actually, since it's xml, I think that using xslt stylesheets (and some js code) it would be possible to load main.xml into mozilla and display it more-less correctly. I'm only guessing now because I don't really know xslt yet, but this along with some adaptation code (both mozilla to sony(FileSystem object) and sony to mozilla) could create quite a useful emulator... and mozilla has js debugger, which would help a lot... ;]

By the way, I didn't know that so many cool (from programmer's point of view) things can be done in js


My dream is to have a sony port of freemind, or something similar
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