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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
What are TOC Column # and Replace Text for?
Hi, Kovid.

TOC Column # is only valid when you select vert-oriented. I'd better explain it with a picture.

For vertical-oriented text, if the TOC items are short, there will be a lot of blank space and hence not so good-looking.

Replace text is also mainly for vertical-orientation. Vertical-orientation is achieved by rotating each characters by 270 degree. E.g. a small colon : cannot rotate while a big one :can or a small number 1 cannot while a big 1can. Some punctuation marks have 2 versions (each for one orientation) while some are dual purposed. So, it is necessary to replace those horizontal-oriented punctuation marks with vertical ones in order to make a correct display. The replacement rules are set in C(n).txt files. I think this function is not quite useful for western languages.
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