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Index containing page no. with links - <pagelist> problem


a service provider converted a printed book (indesign/pdf master) into epub (epub2). As usual in real professional books you have an index at the end, containing page numbers.

During conversion all page no. were asigned a link to the corresponding chapter/html file including its anchor (e.g. 'sealing: 12, 33, 47, etc').

Unfortunately my ebook handler (libreka in Germany) refuses to publish it to the the apple book store with the reason: "please fix linked page numbers in the index with <pagelist> (toc.ncx)".

Kiling the index completely does not help at all because then I get around 1300 linking errors (all links in chapters refer to the index as well) ... So I am a bit in a struggle what to do

Can anybody give me advice how to fix my problem? As far as I googled <pagelist> is not the answer to my problems ... And please keep in mind: I am dealing with approx. 1,300 links at all. Manual editing would take a huge amount of time.

Thanks in advance. Any help appreciated.


btw.: pagina-EPUB-Checker_Win-1.1.0 does not find any errors at all!
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