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Device: Sony Reader PRS-505
Sony Reader Icons, Other Reader Icons and much more!

I updated the PSP icon on 9/14 with a better picture and quality. If you were one of the 12 people to download it, please redownload it. I will remove this notice in one weeks time to let everyone get a chance to see it

Welcome to my Icon thread. Be sure to give a read and check out the icons. If you have a request or want a variation of an existing icon, post below and include the picture you want used if possible. You can even request an icon for a non-electronic device.

Latest Updates - Patriot Xporter XT 16GB Flash Drive, Mobile Read Logo, Bookeen Cybook Gen3, Polymer Vision Readius, Higher Quality PSP Icon


I will be trying to add at least 1 electronic related icon a day.

The unofficial official logo icon for personal use! ^_^
If the owners of this site do not want this logo to be used as an icon, let me know and I will take it down. I figured since I am uploading all kinds of icons, why not the logo of the site I'm on?

So I figure some people may want these so I am sharing them. I made icons for several electronic devices including the Sony Reader PRS-505 and Kindle which will display when you connect the device or the SD/MS Pro Duo card from the device to let you know that it is connected under My Computer in Windows.

Each file includes 2 files, file.ico (the icon file) and autorun.inf (to display the icon and change the label of the drive to the device)

To install, you merely extract the archive and copy both files to the root of the electronic device or SD/MS card from the device. You can edit the autorun.inf file to display whatever you want as the label instead of, for example, "Sony Reader PRS-505". You can also renamed the icon file to whatever you like but you have to change it in the autorun.inf file as well so the icon will display.

These icons will only work if the device shows up under My Computer when you plug it in. I am not sure if every device I create an icon for can do that.

Personally, I have the files hidden on my drive but they are not hidden in the rar file but you can set them to hidden if you wish. they will work either way.

All icons are transparent.

All the icon images. This is merely a picture of all the .ico files in each of these archives. The autorun.inf changes the name of the device when plugged in and shows the icon named in the inf file.

List of files and which device they pertain to
Sony Reader PRS-505 = prs505.rar
Sony Reader PRS-500 = prs500.rar
Motorola Razr v3 = v3m.rar
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) = psp.rar
Blackberry Curve 8330 (Alltel) = 8330.rar
iRex iLiad = iliad.rar
Amazon Kindle = kindle.rar
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80 = w80.rar
Sony Reader PRS-505 Blue = prs505b.rar
Sony Reader PRS-505 Red = prs505r.rar
Evil Monkey from Family Guy inspired by Catire's Avatar = evmk.rar
iPhone = iphone.rar [ico is for 3g model but shouldn't be noticeable, displays as 'iPhone']
Microsoft Zune = zune.rar [original Zune 30 model]
Patriot Xporter XT 16GB Flash Drive = px16gb.rar Logo = mobi.rar

Added an Evil Monkey icon inspired by Catire's avatar. Ok, directly ripped from it ^_^. I don't know why but the monkey compelled me to do it! Example of how it displays is below. Add it to any device. All icons should theoretically work on a harddrive but won't show until restart.

Feel free to upload and use any icons anywhere you want. I wouldn't mind a credit and linkback but it isn't necessary.

Any thanks or karma if you like them is appreciated ^_^

Because of the amount of updates in this main post, I will occasionally reword or edit it, this includes adding or removing pictures.
Attached Files
File Type: rar prs505.rar (170.0 KB, 679 views)
File Type: rar prs500.rar (205.2 KB, 406 views)
File Type: rar v3m.rar (17.0 KB, 340 views)
File Type: rar 8330.rar (175.9 KB, 399 views)
File Type: rar iliad.rar (234.9 KB, 374 views)
File Type: rar kindle.rar (116.6 KB, 389 views)
File Type: rar w80.rar (205.5 KB, 354 views)
File Type: rar prs505b.rar (182.0 KB, 412 views)
File Type: rar prs505r.rar (249.1 KB, 411 views)
File Type: rar evmk.rar (190.3 KB, 370 views)
File Type: rar iphone.rar (178.9 KB, 402 views)
File Type: rar zune.rar (185.5 KB, 348 views)
File Type: rar px16gb.rar (159.9 KB, 424 views)
File Type: rar mobi.rar (72.0 KB, 336 views)
File Type: rar cygen3.rar (149.7 KB, 337 views)
File Type: rar readius.rar (113.7 KB, 331 views)
File Type: rar gatorade.rar (146.3 KB, 322 views)
File Type: rar psp.rar (85.5 KB, 339 views)

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