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The plug-in is great, there is only a minor problem with the Hungarian hyphenation:

After the hyphenation of an EPUB or AZW3 these special duplicated letters changed in a strange way. Some examples:
"valamennyit" converted to "valamenynyt",
"valamennyi" -> "valamenyny"
"előnnnyel" -> "előnynyl"
"annyiféle" -> "anynyféle"
"könnyedség" -> "könynydség"
"rosszabb" -> "roszzabb"
"hosszú" -> "hoszzú"
"össze" -> "öszze"
"messze" -> "meszze"

As you see not only letters are changed, but sometimes a letter is missing from the word. At least there is 1-2 mistakes in every page in an average book on my Kindle 3.
I tried different Hungarian hyphenation library versions, but same result.

Is there a way to ignore these problematic letters in the hyphenation plug-in?
Words which include these special letters (ccs, ggy, lly, nny, ssz, tty, zzs) will not be hyphenated at all? (Maybe a custom editable exception list of the problematic letters or words for every hyphenation library is the best way to go?)

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