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disjointed text in pdf to epub conversion (calibre)

I'm using Stanza on my iphone 4 to read a book called Allies of Humanity, Book One (available for free at this link

<Removed Link>

I used Calibre to convert it to an EPub. When I read it, its okay for a while, but then it starts to mix the paragraphs. I'll get a few paragraphs normal and okay, but then it starts to give a few words of one paragraph, skips a line (blank line), then a few words from another paragraph, then the next few words from the first paragraph. It gets back to normal, then cycles through mixing paragraphs again. I can put up with a lot of inconvenience but I'm wondering if I can fix this problem. I did not see any errors in conversion and there is no info under job details in caligre. I will put a photo of the wacky paragraph fragmenting and alternation.

"The file you are trying to convert. If the file is copyrighted then create an extract/sample that shows the problem, or use the calibre bug report system to create a bug with the file attached. (LINK GIVEN)
The conversion log from calibre. You get this by clicking the rotating spinner in the bottom right of the main calibre window and using the show job details button. (IT SHOWED NOTHING)
The output file, if any. (NOT SURE WHAT THAT MEANS, SORRY!)
A description of what exactly the problem is. If there is an error message when converting then the full error message, which you can get by clicking the show details button on the error message.
A description of any conversion options you changed from the default (DID NOT CHANGE ANY)

"It is particularly important that you provide us with a way to reproduce your problem. That makes it much easier to answer your question. That means you provide at least the input file and a description of the problem as well as any non default conversion settings you use."
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