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New Calibre changes behavior after using Find Duplicates.

Hi, I entered this in the Calibre bugs and was told it is invalid because they do not support third party plug-ins. I've been told to try here:

In calibre-64bit-0.9.28 on Windows 7 (x64), the "Reset Quick Search" button will no longer reset results from using the "Find Duplicates" plug in. The same results remain in the list. If the button is clicked a second time the list disappears completely and I haven't found a way to restore the list.

I've tried this with searches:

Title Matching 'Identical', Author matching 'Identical'
Title Matching 'Similar', Author matching 'similar'
Title Matching 'Similar', Author matching 'fuzzy'
Title Matching 'ignore', Author matching 'Soundex (8)'

The Find Duplicates search completes successfully each time, but I cannot use the Reset Quick Search to return to the full book list.

Steps to reproduce bug:
1. Click the "Find Duplicates" button on the Main Tool bar
2. Select the "Title/Author" radio button at the top
3. Select one of the searches I listed above - I used "Similar" for the Title Matching and "Fuzzy" for the Author Matching
3a "Show all Groups at once with Highlighting" was selected
3b "Highlight authors in the tag browser for ignore title searches" was also selected
4. Click OK
5. The book list is populated with the duplicate books
6. Click on the "Reset Quick Search" button
6a The list does not change back to the full list of books (this is how it would have worked in previous Calibre versions)
7. Click on the "Reset Quick Search button" again
7a The entire list goes blank and a restart of Calibre seems to be the only way to get the book list back.

Kind Regards,

Since entering this bug I've been told that selecting "Virtual Library -> Additional Restrictions -> None" will bring back the complete book list...and that does work. I certainly would prefer to just use the "Reset Quick Search" button if that's possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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