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Well, for better or for worse...

After lurking for a few months and agonizing, I've ordered a PRS-505. I should have it by Friday (fingers crossed) if Hurricane Ike doesn't get here first. I bought it from an Amazon affiliate, which I find satisfyingly ironic.

To introduce myself, I am new to ebooks and ebook readers (which I guess is logical if I'm new to ebooks, but I digress.) and am more than slightly overwhelmed by all the formats, conversions, conversion tools, and acronyms. I am moderately intelligent though, and hope I can catch on soon enough.

I really appreciate this forum for giving me a central location to obsess over my latest purchase. Thanks to mobileread, I have been able to make a decision in a matter of weeks instead of the months-long obsession I usually participate in. So mobileread, I and my family thank you.
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