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Luvin' My Koboarc

Thanks for the quick response on the Jelly Bean update Peter. No idea when it's coming but, I have no idea what difference it makes anyway so no point in worrying about it.

Got the Koboarc when I saw it advertised on the Shopping Channel in Canada for a great deal! It is the 32g model and came with a 'zip up' soft cover and over $500 worth of apps. Last summer I had spilled wine all over my Kindle (and my husband's cell phone) and killed it so I found it difficult to bring myself to spend the money again on another reader. Until I saw this one! I immediately went online and researched the arc and saw it was pretty much only in close running with Nexus7 and so I made the leap.

I'm pretty much app illiterate. Other than Windows operating systems, I had no idea what 'sandwich' and 'jelly bean' meant; I have an older blackberry for a phone so you can understand. I was laughing out loud at how out of touch I was with technology as I watched several YouTube videos to help me figure out how to use the different menus, tapestries, etc. on the arc. I'm an Aries so it didn't take long for me to get frustrated with my lack of knowledge and not understanding how to use any of the gadgets the Kobo has to offer. I was ready to send it back. I then finally realized I could just download the Guide and read it and it is an easy read. Before I knew it, I was creating personalized tapestries for our upcoming trips and pinning websites, pics, etc. in them. I've watched YouTube, downloaded a few apps to allow me watch my movies and listen to my mp4s and I am thoroughly impressed! The sound is great and I'm sure my battery life is fairly reasonable considering I've been on the thing almost non-stop each evening since I got it trying out new apps and filling it with information. I uploaded the Nova Launcher but, I kinda missed the Discovery Bar when it disappeared I don't launch with that anymore. I got rid of '7digital' and the 'Cinema now' app in my 'Entertainment' tapestry and use 'Play Music' and 'MoboPlayer' for my music and videos. The 'deal' came with 'SplashID'; what a COOL idea that is! I also uploaded 'OverDrive Media Console' but, haven't played with it too much yet to see if it's something to keep. Uninstalling apps is easy so if I don't like 'em, I just get rid of 'em (apparently you can't uninstall factory installed apps although I haven't tried). No problem transferring over and reading books in .pdf format either.

I've had it outside in the sunshine (Yes. We had two days of it here in Halifax in the last week) and the screen auto adjusted so that I could easily see it and surf the web! My husband's IPad 2 hardly picks up the wifi at all from the same spot. I had brought it to work today and when I pulled in the driveway it came alive updating my email. I couldn't believe the range on the wifi! I used to 'steal' his IPad from him all the time and now I just feel sorry for him that he doesn't have the Kobo. He loves the Kobo too (he snuck in some play time with it while I was at work).

Thought I'd regret not getting my boring old Kindle back with the manual keyboard and page turning but, now I could never go back! I'm happy I haven't run into any of the glitches some of you are describing although the Blackberry mini usb cable I used the first time to hook up to my pc didn't work and I just switched to another I had in the drawer and no problems. I research the best apps to add on the internet and have ended up using them over the ones that came pre-installed. I hope the Jelly Bean update doesn't 'mess up' my Koboarc. I love my new little friend Great board with lots of great information! Thanks for all of the contributions. They have been very helpful!
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