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Problem with high number of books on device


<long intro>
in the past I had all my books on my Sony PRS-T1 (around 5000, with 2000 series). Finding a book was a bit slow at times, but all in all worked pretty well.

Now I bought a Kobo Glo, and while I'm very happy with the hardware, the software is beginning to irritate me. I put the 8GB sd card I had in my PRS-T1 in the device (formatted as FAT on a Mac) and used calibre to move all my books over there. The device needed a few hours to parse the information (which is ok in my opinion) and then, when I tried to open the list of shelves, simply stopped... Finding and opening a single book worked at least once. Now, when I reboot, the system halts if I do not remove the sd card... If I then put the sd card back into the device it needs half an hour and then starts the parsing again...

This leads me to the conclusion that the Kobo might not be able to work with the number of series I have, and is only barely able to work with the number of books (aah, how I would like my PRS T1 to glow in the dark).

Now, for a small number of books the Kobo is quite nice... (if you ignore the missing back button, but don't get me started on that).
</long intro>

I have marked the books that I want to read with a custom column, in the case of series the first in the series. Is there a way to not only select all books based on the custom column, but also all books that are in the same series?

Cheers, Joachim
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