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IMP formats


I didn't notice that this title was using a peculiar format called .IMP, but your "Strong Poison" was in PRC format. Heck, I can read PRC all day using Mobipocket Reader. But there seems to be nothing available for converting IMP formats to another format, and all I have is my PC for read digital books.

Well, there is that deimp.exe app, for IMP formats, and created by a user here going by nrapallo, but for all it's worth, it really seems like it would be a very last resort, when you apparantly can lose so much through the conversion process.

The only reason I even found this site was that I had googled on converting this LRF format to something I could use. I'd downloaded a zip file of the entire set of the Travis McGee novels by John McDonald. Whooee! Been looking for those books for years, only to find them in some totally weird format I'd never heard of...

So, Is it possible for the 14 Wimsey novels to be available in a different format? Say, something a bit more generic and farther reaching... I really can't afford to buy a reader that can handle
ETI-1 or ETI-2 formats.

Lastly, are the 2 short stories sets also available? What about Thrones, Dominations?

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