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Originally Posted by KevinH View Post
Hi Everyone,

I have collected 3 fixes plus one experimental change to KindleUnpack and attached them here.

Included are: - fix for multiprocessing on Windows - all fixes to date plus hopefully all xmlescape
and unescape changes needed - fix for KindlePreviewer 2.8 and split mobi 7 files plus
an experimental fix to replace fonts with 0 size sections

All 3 can be found in the attached zip. I would appreciate hearing of any successes or failures.

Just an update. When updated with the three patches, KindleUnpack v0.61 produces split .mobi files (Mobi7 and KF8) that work OK in the latest version of Kindle Previewer, 2.85, on all devices. In eInk Kindle mode, "Kindle" and "Kindle DX" devices, the emulations that are known to support only KF6 (Mobi7), the KF8 split file also works, but the ebook appears as a wall of text without any formatting. This is to be expected (not a bug). With the KF8-only file, the Kindle iOS mode is grayed out (disabled) most likely because "Kindle for iPhone" and "Kindle for iPad" emulations of Kindle Previewer v2.85 are outdated and do not yet support KF8.

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