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Originally Posted by pilotbob View Post
I was just asking because the calibre driver if installed could possibly conflict with eBook Library. Have you tried to uninstall eBook Library and the reinstall it. What changed when it stoped working. Had you installed anything new to your system? Does the whole system hang, or just eBook Library stops responding.
Ah, I see. I hadn't installed Calibre before today so that's not it.

Unfortunately I've tried uninstalling and reinstalled eBook library many times - and it even doesn't work on a fresh install on a new PC.

Basically when I plug in the reader, if Library is open it simply freezes (the window says Not Responding and it doesn't repaint) though everything else in Windows works fine. If I plug the reader in before starting Library, the Library window never comes up (though I can see it running in Task Manager).

I can't recall exactly when it stopped working, unfortunately. It was always a bit flaky from the start when I got the reader back in December -- maybe 10% of the time it wouldn't see the reader, but it always worked the 2nd time. Probably about March or so it just stopped working entirely. I don't *think* I installed anything new -- this machine is pretty stable, I just use it for browsing and email -- but I can't be sure. The fact that the problem now occurs on 3 different PCs though makes me think there's something screwed up in the reader that a hard reset doesn't undo.
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