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Originally Posted by Francois_C View Post
I am a rater longtime user and I think the Kobo Touch is not a tablet; it is a kind of portable library. A very specialized gadget.
The Kobo Touch is not powerful enough to become an all-purpose device. The processor and the display can not allow it.
Of course the Kobo Touch is a tablet device - it's a spezialized one!
The main function is reading ebooks, but i didn't buy it when this would be the only thing i can do!
I better buy an cheap Android tablet and use it for reading.

Why WLAN and a browser with the possibility of internet access is implemented, when this should not be used?
Then you can sell it without this hardware for a price that is more attractive.

I don't want to work on my email correspondence with the Kobo (the keyboard is working to worse for it ), but i want to have the possibility to have a quick view if there is something relevant new.
This is an really comfortable advantage for a device that has internet access. For much people this could be a reason to buy this device and not the competition one.
I don't want to take my PC or another tablet device for a quick look, when i have a device in my hands with integrated internet access!

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