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Originally Posted by malte View Post
We are dealing with cables, not witchcraft. Think about the connections. In a usb cable disconnected at either end, everything is open. It makes no difference which end you plug in first. Really, think what you are saying.
I know, and I've been perplexed by this behaviour, but I have seen this once before with a cheap type of USB printer hub; pluggin in the cable shorted some connections before others, making (in the case of the USB hub) the associated router practically pee itself in wild panic. Connecting the USB hub first circumvented this.

Something similar might be happening here; debugging seems to show that the Pocketbook refuses all connections upon connecting. While this may be the combination of hardware (some plugs connecting before others, or something similar) and software/firmware (the Pocketbook refusing connection when something minor happens).

But you're right; the 'newer' firmware provides no real benefit, and moving to the previous non-Oobrey version is a fine solution. Does anyone actually use Oobrey?
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