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Well I have read 12 books since January on this device. So yes it does work for me and I cannot put it down. But I would be a lot happier if my bug reports were responded to. Here are some of the things I have posted to Bookeen:

*) in ebook reader ( epub )
+) dictionary on a touch screen is very cool!
-) links to endmarks or footnotes work very seldom. it usually does a dictionary lookup instead
-) footer shows incorrect page numbers ( 2 times 37/117, then 37-38/117 ). This is quite confusing when I jump to endmarks I need to return to the page by selecting jump to page ... but how should I do this if I don't have a correct page number?
-) bookmarks are not user friendly
-) search function is missing
*) library view
+) folder view was a criteria -- I can define a useful folder layout in calibre and in the library view will where to find which books
-) It needs to be possible to configure library view to individual expectations/templates as for instance in calibre: display of lang tags etc. Also the truncation of the visible content is not helpful.
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