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Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
There hasn't been.

I've considered it a couple times, but I never came up with a solution I was happy with. I'd like to use the replace_metadata feature, but the anthology metadata is collected together after that step is done and is in a different form internally by then. Plus, if you change the title of an existing anthology book, FFDL won't add the "Anthology" back on if it's updated. So we're really only talking about new anthologies.

I've attached a new version that contains what I think might be a reasonable compromise. It adds a new ini parameter that will be used for new anthology names that you can change:

## Uses a python template substitution.  The ${title} is the default
## title of a new anthology, <series name> in the case of a series, or
## the first book title otherwise.  This is only applied to new
## anthologies.
anthology_title_pattern:${title} Anthology
Let me know how it works for you. I hope to release a new version tonight or tomorrow.

High praise indeed. Thanks.
Worked just fine Definitely a good compromise. Easy to change for those of us that want to. Thanks for even considering it
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